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5 Frame Nuc availability depends on cooperating weather. There will be no frame exchange. The frames are all less than 2 years old. They will have mixed Italian queens. If you order a large quantity, I can get other stock.

They will be composed of at least 2-3 frames of brood and one frame of honey and have a queen that has been laying for at least 21 days. These are for pickup only.

Discounts available for early orders or large orders (150 minimum) for nucs and full-size hives, with a 35% deposit.
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1-50 — $155 without a box $175 with wooden nuc box
50-100– $150 without a box $170 with wooden nuc box
100-150 — $145 without a box $165 with wooden nuc box
150 + — Call for prices

Single 5 Frame nucs are available while supplies last.

To hold your orders there is a 35% down payment, with payment in full at pick up with cash, no personal checks.


* Prices during peak Almond pollination season are different, please call Jesse for more information.
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— Bees by the hive or truckload —

No order too small or too big, we sell individual hives for hobbyists and truckloads of bees for commercial beekeepers.

Just give us a call for more information (386) 478-9722

We also offer bee removal referral services.